Rangers Battlefield V PC Clan

The Ranger's Story.

Motto: Thrash'n with a passion - RR for life!

After a long day of work, sometimes all you need is: friends, a M1 Garand in one hand and a mouse in another. The Rangers Battlefield V Clan has been bringing organized gaming, brotherhood / friendship, and entertainment together for ten years.

The mission of the Rangers Battlefield Clan is to bring fun, strategy, and community to the battfield. Having teammates that you can count on, using skills learned, and getting to know people – it's impossible not to have a great time. We want all our members to enjoy themselves and we make it happen. With men and women from around the world – this clan flourishes on originality, teamwork, and dedication.

Each member of this battlefield clan brings a unique style, approach, and ideals to the game. Better than that, their irreplaceable personalities don’t stop once the battle does. Over the years, this has cultivated what the Rangers are today.

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The Ranger Advantage.

The bull stops here, this is what we bring to the table, this is who we are...

No Cost / Free

Luckily, donations from members and the generosity of the clan leader keep us running at no cost to you!

Quality Resources

Our dedicated TeamSpeak server allows for instant communication on and off the battlefield. Whilst our forums provide a haven for news, fan art, jokes and more.


For 10 years, the Rangers Clan has stood tall, through hardships and game changes.

No Drama / Politics

The lack of drama and politics is just what the Rangers are looking for after a long day of actual work.

Brotherhood & Friendship

While other clans enforce maturity and professionalism, the Rangers inspire brotherhood and friendship.


Joining the Rangers Clan is a commitment that we ask our members to take seriously.

Casual / Stress Relief

The Rangers is the perfect clan for you if you’re sick of letting the Wookiee win.

Place to Call Home

The Rangers Clan is home to many diverse personalities from around the world.

Active Leadership

Active, helpful, receptive, and open are a few words that begin to describe the Ranger Clan leaders.

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Battlefield™ V for PC

About the Rangers.

Who we are and why we are the way we are.